About Us

Growing up together in the frozen Arctic, the hardy souls that would become the Editors Without Conviction grew up walking ten miles to school each way through a blizzard, uphill. Now scattered to the four corners of the globe, the three give pithy and occasionally frothy commentary on civilization’s decline.

eataTREE has no neckeataTREE moved to the New York area in the summer of 2001 several years too late to make a fortune in the Internet boom. He now works in Silicon Valley, where he is the only remaining relic of the dot-com era, and lives in the Sierra foothills, where he can breathe. He is @TheREALeataTREE on Twitter due to the temerity of some whippersnapper in Virginia.

rabbithasbrains is a bearrabbithasbrains is a mysterious bear/human hybrid that is believed to live in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada. His origins, not to mention the method(s) by which he accesses the Internet or composes blog posts, are currently mysteries to science. Researchers have had difficulty obtaining clear sightings of the creature, who is believed to be timid if not painfully shy. If you do see him, please give him a hug.

Spastic Tactician is very angrySpastic Tactician has spent the last nine years trying to prove his theory that one need not really learn Japanese to live and work in Japan.  He teaches elementary school with the kind of enthusiasm usually reserved for high school cheerleaders, making up for it by being a lazy, cynical bastard while outside of the classroom.